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Performance & Art


A bedroom furnished with a single jail bed, is waiting to be filled with artwork, love letters, birthday cards, stuffed animals, and crafts — the many different forms of expression and connection that have come from incarcerated people’s experiences.


This is part of an interactive installation that explores the intricacies of our prison system. 


A jungle gym sits just beside the room, one you might find on a childhood playground. This structure intends to bring the perspective of children back into this conversation of abolition, while simultaneously being emblematic of how interconnected the prison industrial complex is with every system, institution, and issue our country faces. 


This is the stage to a performance. This is a ceremony. 

The #jailbeddrop experience is rooted in challenging our inherent notion between “crime” and punishment. The work contextualizes and facilitates a space to explore interpersonal accountability and reflect those values back on our “criminal justice system.”


This piece is an extension of Justice LA's  #jailbeddrop series started by Patrisse Cullors and Cecila Sweet-Coll in 2017.


Our team created this performance and interactive installation space to hold an open and candid discussion on abolition.

About ---- Learn about the project, get press/testimonies information, and get to know our team.

SoLA x JBD ---- Footage and info from our most recent #Jailbeddrop experience with SoLA Contemporary. To view information on the exhibit view SoLA x JBD, view our virtual gallery of the exhibit.

Gallery ---- Footage from the original #Jailbeddrop,  Jails & Justice event at California African American Museum, Reform LA Jails Day Party at A Noise Within Theatre, #Jailbeddrop at the MLK Festival at Leimert Park, #Jailbeddrop at For Freedoms Congress a the Geffen Contemporary at MOCA

Resources ---- Resources page contains people, organizations and information. Also view our Timeline and LA Calls to Action

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